Teen Who Dial 911 To Get Help For Her Dad Was Arrested Over Word She Used During Call (Video)

Adrianne Ledesma a 17-year-old Michigan girl was arrested for reportedly swearing during a 911 call while her father was having a seizure.
You can imagine how scared she was when her father collapsed in their kitchen and began seizing. This was just three weeks after he was hospitalized and underwent brain surgery.

Adrianne didn’t get an answer on her first attempt to call, so she dialed again. Panicked, she said, “What the f***,” while the phone was ringing, but Officer Robert McFarland picked up at exactly that moment.

She asked McFarland for an ambulance to be sent to her address, to which he replied, “Well okay, first of all, you don’t need to swear over 911 and slow down.”

Very upset and frustrated Adrianne responded “OK, send me a f****** ambulance!” .

Adrianne told 7 Action News that she was worried her father was going to die, but she wasn’t given the opportunity to explain that on the call because the officer hung up the phone after she said a swear word. Shortly after she was arrested.

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